Version 4 now available! Track HTML and ToolBook content!

TBK Tracker™ provides powerful and secure student/course management for native computer based training applications written in ToolBook or HTML. TBK Tracker is optimized for HTML content created in Training Studio or Exam Engine, but the appropriate calls can be made from other HTML content as well.

New in Version 4
  • Support Exam Engine 4 and Training Studio 3 content without any changes
  • Support other HTML content by making defined API calls
  • Player Windows application (.NET 4) hosts the HTML content
  • Freely-distributed Administrator and Reporter applications completely rewritten in .NET 4
  • Administrator adds batch import from any screen and improved functionality.
  • Reporter uses Microsoft Report Viewer technology to display 61 reports and 75 graphs organized by Student, Lesson, Course, Class, and Organization
  • Reporter architecture supports customization of reports and the addition of more reports
  • Reports and graphs have customizable logo and certificate graphics
  • Documentation completely updated

Use the Administrator to configure courses and lessons, set global properties, or (optionally) assign students. When using ToolBook, use the TBK Tracker catalog and new “TBTrack” menu to quickly set up your ToolBook books. When using HTML, simply set the corresponding configuration properties of the TBK Tracker Player.

Deploy your application with no runtime fees, even using the complete InstallShield source code if desired. Use the Reporter to analyze the data with over sixty reports and seventy built-in reports. For HTML deployment, the TBK Tracker Player uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

  • View over 60 Reports and 70 Graphs
  • Store data natively in Access® or SQL Server
  • Track times, dates, completion status, test scores, individual question results, and much more
  • Group lessons into courses and students into classes
  • Use the TBK Tracker Reporter to display and graph student, course, lesson, class, and organization information
  • Customize reports using Visual Studio™
  • Batch import students, organizations, etc. from a delimited file
  • Store and restore user properties (ToolBook only) 
  • Track thousands of users
  • Deploy via Local Area Network or CD
  • Student and course data may be stored on a LAN server or the user's own machine

TBK Tracker is composed of three pieces:

  • TBK Tracker  -  For ToolBook, the developer sets up this module when developing the course using the easy-to-use TBK Tracker catalog and "TBKTrack" menu. For HTML, the developer uses a text editor to set various configuration properties.

  • Administrator - This module provides the ability to set up students, assign them to classes (if desired), and to establish passing scores, prerequisites, and more.

  • Reporter - Want to analyze the data?  The reporter allows analysis of the data through over 90 reports.  In addition to providing data on the screen, the reports may be printed and exported to another file format.

Student Tracking Features
  • Extensive "lesson test" information including last ten test scores/dates, average score, and student attempts.
  • Cumulative time spent in each lesson and course.
  • Completion status of each lesson and course.
  • Restores individual completion status of each individual lesson page.
  • Built-in course certificates.
Student Log-In Features
  • Professional log in box appears when student starts the system.
  • Administrator may specify globally or per course if "self-registration" is allowed.
  • Students select name from an alphabetized list or (if self-registration allowed) may enter their name the first time.
  • Administrator may specify globally or per course if passwords are required.
  • Students are presented only with courses to which they have been assigned or which are "open enrollment."
Data Storage
  • TBK Tracker™ stores student data in a password-protected MS Access or SQL Server databases.  (The developer or administrator sets the password). 
  • "Bookmarks" provide the ability to return to the last page visited when returning to a lesson.
Favorites and Indexes (ToolBook only)\
  • "Favorites" allow the user to mark a page that they would like to remember and return to it at any time.
  • A page index listing of all pages in the lesson is available for the student to quickly access a list of descriptions and jump to the page that best meets their needs.
  • TBK Tracker™ provides over 130 reports and graphs covering everything from the number of students per course to what a particular student answered on a a particular question in a scored test.  
  • Reports are accessed via a separate Reporter application.  This allows certain people to have access to view the reports (without their having the ability to modify student or course information in that an administrator has).
  • You may customize any of the reports using the Visual Studio™. You can also customize the associated queries with any text editor.
  • Easily customize the logo shown on each report/graph as well as the lesson and course certificate graphic used on some reports.
  • Assign courses to students.
  • Administrative functions are accessed through a separate Administrator application.  
  • Group students in classes to allow an administration to easily assign courses to multiple students.

  • It's easy to set up your courses to use TBK Tracker™. For ToolBook, simply use the TBK Tracker menu and catalog objects to set up your books and you're ready to go. For HTML, configure the Player by editing a single configuration file. You can then start the Administrator and specify your lessons and courses. In ToolBook, additional functionality such as favorites and indexes may be added to your application by using the powerful author-level "TBK Tracker™" tools as specified in the step-by-step directions included in the help file.
  • TBK Tracker allows you to track thousands of users on a local area network or single users via Local Area Network, CD, or Neuron (ToolBook only) deployment. Neuron implementation requires the optional "web deployment" capability.
System Requirements and Licensing
  • For ToolBook, TBK Tracker works with files created with ToolBook 10 or later. Deployment must be in native ToolBook. For HTML, communicate via JavaScript. This is built in for Exam Engine and Training Studio but can be added to other authoring tools or plain HTML content.
  • ToolBook: when the database is located on a local or LAN disk, end users will also need to have Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) installed. Users will typically already have MDAC. Users will also need to be able to perform HTTP Post in order to use the optional feature to post student data.
  • HTML: end users will require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. This can be included as part of the installation (InstallShield source code provided upon request) or downloaded via Windows Update.
  • There is no runtime license required for CD or LAN deployment. Each product is licensed per developer machine.

TBK Tracker Price (includes Administrator and Reporter)

Description Price
TBK Tracker version 4 Developer License (ToolBook or HTML) $2,995
TBK Tracker version 4 Developer License (Upgrade from ToolBook to HTML or from HTML to ToolBook). Both products must be on the current version. $995
Version 4 upgrade from version 3 $1,595
Version 4 upgrade from version 2 or older $1,995
1 year technical support (email only) $395

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.

User Comments

  • Your tracking products for ToolBook (and now SCORM) content have made my work as a content provider immeasurably better and easier.
  • TBK Tracker is truly an outstanding piece of work.
  • I just want you to know how happy I am with TBK Tracker. It has been a blessing for me. Now that the lab is running smoothly, it has made my job more organized and less stressful since I don't have to enter these grades manually as before. I would be honored to serve as a contact for you and recommend Tracker in Puerto Rico and share my experiences.
  • I recently installed 11 ToolBooks and the TBK Tracker Administrator and Reporter onto a network server, along with the database and runtime files. I altered the reports.ini file to accommodate a requested reduction of the reports available. I accomplished all of this without using any installation software, choosing to replicate my own architecture. Within 3 hours, the whole system was up and running. My first full QC check revealed no malfunctions. The train-the-trainer worked fine also. it's working. Most of all, I did it without having to call you guys.
  • I made the delivery and the customer is happy. Thanks for your TBK Tracker product!
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