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We recommend that current users of TBK Tracker download all support releases

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HTTP Post on some Windows 98 and ME computers  
January 29, 2002

ToolBook 8.1 Service Pack 1 fixes the problem with HTTP Post experienced by some Windows 98 and ME computers. However, we found that we needed to change TBK Tracker's implementation as well.

To update your TBK Tracker product:
  1. System book replacement:
    Download the System Book Replacement for ToolBook 8 or 7. This is a  self-extracting zip file containing the new system book.  The self-extracting file will  place the tbtrack3_tb8.sbk file (or tbtrack3_tb7.sbk) into the following directory by default:
         C:\Program Files\Common Files\click2learn\TBSystem
    In the rare situation where your ToolBook system is on a different drive, please change the drive accordingly.
  2. TB 7 HTTP Post Repair
    If you are using TB 7 and need HTTP Post functionality (i.e., if you are using the ASP version or if you let your end-users post data), your end-user installation must include tbcom.dll and tbinet32.dll from TB 8.1 along with your TB 7 runtime. You must also register tbcom.dll. See step 4 if you are using our installation templates.
  3. TB 8.1 Repair
    If you are using TB 8.1, the Neuron installation as well as AutoPackager will automatically install the necessary files and make the appropriate registry entries. For the Neuron installation, be sure you are linking to ftp://ftp.asymetrix.com/pub/tb2/neuron/81/neuron.exe.
  4. InstallShield Professional Templates
    If you are using our InstallShield Professional installation templates for either TB 7 or TB 8, you'll want to download the installation updates. These updates include tbcom.dll and its registration.

Note that some downloads are password-protected. Please email support@plattecanyon.com if you didn't receive an email with this password.

System Book Replacement
for TB8
(164 KB)
for TB7
(165 KB)

Sample Application
for TB8
(236 KB)
for TB7
(493 KB)

Rich Client Installation
for TB8
(403 KB)
for TB7
(416 KB)

Neuron Installation
for TB8
(400 KB)
for TB7
(425 KB)


Reporter Update  
December 17, 2001

Student Information Screen Update

We noticed a fairly obscure logical error on the Student Information screen of TBK Tracker Reporter where the "Courses Registered In" and "Lessons Accessed" fields would sometimes not update correctly when you select a student.

We have updated both the TBKReport3.exe (TBKReport3.zip) and the entire installation (tbktrackerreporterinstallfiles_tb8.zip). You would use these installation files instead of the ones on your TBK Tracker CD when sending the Reporter to your customers.

ToolBook 7 Deployment

If you are deploying with ToolBook 7, then change the InstallationFiles.ini file to be:

; ToolBookVersion determines which registry location
;the installation looks in to
; find the location of the ToolBook runtime
; use override location for a network installation
:or any other time that you want
; to hard-code the location of the ToolBook runtime
;files rather than have this
; installation read the registry


Changed File
(for Manual Install)
(197 KB)

Full Updated Reporter Install