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Error in e-Learning Concepts Module  
If you see the error message below when starting the e-Learning Concepts module in author mode, please download the self-extracting zip to the right and install to its default location of c:\program files\common files\toolbook\tbsystem.

Get the file Here
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Updated October 11, 2007
Problems Running in Author Mode  
If you are running the Platte Canyon Plug-In Pro and notice issues such as missing text or ToolBook shutting down when running this CBT in author-mode, you can temporarily turn off the Plug-In Pro by opening tb90.ini located C:\Program Files\Common Files\ToolBook\TBSystem. Comment out the line shown below by putting a semicolon (;) in front of it. Then save the file.

;startUpSysBooks=C:\Program Files\Common Files\ToolBook\TBSystem\plgpro7_90.sbk

You can enable the Plug-In Pro again by removing the semicolon and saving the file. Please contact technical support if you need assistance with this.

If this does not fix the problem or if you are not running Plug-In Pro and still have issues with author mode, you will need to run the module(s) in question in runtime mode.
Problems with Microsoft Agent  
If you do not hear sound from the Agent control and are running Windows XP or Vista, you likely have a newer, incompatible version of the Speech API. To fix it, run spchapi.exe from the \InstallFiles directory. Learn more at http://www.microsoft.com/msagent/support/user/tts.aspx#windowsxp.

You can also download spchapi.exe using this link: http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/sapi/spchapi.exe.