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Version 2.0 is Here!

Have you ever wished you could sort your bitmap, shared script, or other resources alphabetically? 

Have you ever had to painstakingly delete resources one-by-one?

Have you ever inadvertently had multiple copies of the same shared script? If so, Resources Plus is for you!

Resources Plus is for you.

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Selected Features

  • Select a ToolBook Instructor™ book
  • Sort and view unused, used, or all resources of a particular book. Sort by name, ID number, or number of times used.
  • View thumbnails of graphical resources as actual size, thumbnail in actual aspect ratio, or small thumbnail
  • Work with duplicate shared scripts.
  • Build a list of resources to either delete or save from the files in a selected directory. Used with the Plug-In Pro™ or LE's "Import/Export Resources" utility, this feature allows you to export all resources of a book, separate those that you no longer need into a separate directory, and then use that list of files to automatically build a list of resources to delete.

We created Resources Plus™ to list all unused bitmap resources in a training application so we could delete them with one easy step. We then thought it would make a great asset for our fellow ToolBook® developers, so we spiced it up with the ability to work with bitmaps, cursors, icons, menubars, and shared scripts. It also sorts by name, ID, or number of times used in the document. If you want to work with only those resources that are unused in your book, just choose that option. Or you can view only resources that are used. Or both. For version 2.0 we added thumbnail views in various sizes and aspect ratios and a brand new set of shared script utilities.  

This application is a tremendous time-saver if you ever need to work with a large number of resources.

System Requirements

Resources Plus works with ToolBook 9.0 and later.

Resources Plus Price

Description Price
Resources Plus 2.0 by Platte Canyon $145

Educational and multiple-copy discounts are available.