Displaying Query Reports



Use the Toolbar or the Reports menu to bring up the Query Reports screen. It is only enabled once you have properly configured the Training Studio Tracker Administrator application.


The available Applications, Reviewers, Reviewer Categories, Comment Categories, and Status settings are listed. Select all of the items that you want to include in the report. If you want all of the items (such as Reviewers), either select on all of them or none of them. You can remove a selection by clicking on the item again. In database terms, the list boxes act as an AND condition. So if you select application XYZ, reviewer John Doe, etc., you will only see comments for that application by that reviewer. Other application comments by that reviewer or reviewer comments on other applications will not be included. In addition, you can check the Active Only box to limit your report to active comments only. Once you have made your selections, click the Load Report button to display the report. Within the report, you can change pages, refresh, print, define the layout and zoom, export to Excel, Word, or Acrobat, and search for text. You may change the default report as described in Editing Administrator Defaults. To choose from a list of predefined reports, use the Defined Reports screen.