Editing Training Studio Tracker Administrator Defaults

The web address to visit or document to open in response to the Support item under the Help menu is contained in the TrainingStudioTrackerAdministrator .exe.config file located in the same directory as the Training Studio Tracker Administrator executable file. This is an XML file that can be edited with any text editor. The relevant portion is shown below. The part that you would edit is shown in bold.


You may also edit the default report to use in the Query Reports screen. You may choose any of the reports have "Comments" in the name of the file. The default is Comments By Application and Reviewer.rdlc.




           <setting name="SupportLink" serializeAs="String">

                 <value>mailto:support@plattecanyon.com?Subject=Training Studio Tracker Administrator Assistance</value>


           <setting name="DefaultQueryReport" serializeAs="String">

             <value>Comments By Application and Reviewer.rdlc</value>