Logging Into the Training System

Every time you enter the training, you need to log in.


  1. If you have logged into the training on this computer before, your name should appear in the student list of the Student Selection window (shown below). You can select your name from the list.

    NOTE: If you are using ToolBook and the List back/next buttons are available (see below), use them to locate the range of names that contains your last name. The range of names for the current student list is shown under "List Range".

  2. If your name is not on the student list and someone else's data is displayed in the name fields, click the New User button (if it exists) to clear the fields before typing in your name. If your name is not on the list and there is not a New User button, you cannot log into the training. Tell your System Administrator that you are not registered for any courses.

  3. There may or may not be a password field. If the password field exists, you need to enter a password.

  4. When you're finished entering all necessary information, click the OK button. All of your registered courses and any courses allowing self-registration will display. See Selecting a Course for details.


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