Creating a Front End Book

Follow these steps to create a front end book:




Option 1 (Use a sample book):


Option 2 (Start a new book):


Use the TBKTrack menu to assign a database to your front end book.



Use the Show All Lesson Objects menu option to insure all lesson items on your menuOfLessons page are visible. Customize the appearance of the items as you choose, but do not change their names or grouping (except for "sequencing" names such as "Lesson 1", "Lesson 2", etc., you need to change the numbers in such names so that the items are contiguous.) Delete or add lesson items (all of the same type) to get the number of items you want on the page.


Note that the names of lessons will be set by TBK Tracker AFTER a user has logged in and a course has been selected; so you do not need to change the text of button captions or lesson fields. Simply set the general display properties (font, size, etc.) and name the items contiguously, and TBK Tracker will do the rest.



Use the Edit TBK Tracker Book Properties option of the TBKTrack menu to set the properties of your front end book such as the numLessonsPerPage and the lesson type . For testing, be sure that the bypassLogon property of your front end is set to false or null. Save and close your front end book.



To test that your front end book has been set up correctly, you will need a course with a few lessons. If you have not removed the samples installed with the TBK Tracker, you should already have one course with two lessons to use for testing. If you do not have access to the samples, first use the TBK Tracker Administrator to set up at least one course with a few lessons. You can use either existing lessons or create temporary placeholder lessons. To simplify testing, you may want to set your course to allow open enrollment and not require a password. Exit the Administrator after setting up your test data.


See the TBK Tracker Administrator help for details.



Open your front end book. If the book has been set up correctly, it will display a login dialog box followed by a course selection dialog box. When you select a course, your menuOfLessons page should display, populated with the lessons for the selected course.


If the front end book does not work as you expected, review these steps and/or refer to the Troubleshooting section of this help.