Creating a Database

Each front end book you deliver must be associated with a TBK Tracker database.


To create a database for your front end book:


  1. Copy and rename an existing TBK Tracker database. For example, you can copy and rename the database "sportsSample.mdb" that delivers with TBK Tracker.

  2. Use the TBK Tracker Administrator to add the database to the TBK Tracker system. If the database has a user name or password, be sure to enter it through the Administrator Edit Database Password dialog (shown below).


  3. Generate/editdatabasepassword.gif

    Use Access or SQL Server to create the username and password for the database. Then enter those values in the Administrator's Edit Database Password dialog.


    This will encrypt and write those values to the tbksettg4.ini file.


    For example, if you're using the database "sportsSample.mdb" that delivers with TBK Tracker (or a copy of it), you should enter "admin" as the user name and "<password>" as the password.


    After you have added a database, you can use this dialog at any time to change the user name or password.


    See the TBK Tracker Administrator Help for additional details on adding a database and editing passwords.


  4. After creating and defining your database, you must assign it to your front end book. To do this, use the "Assign Database" option from the TBKTrack menu in your front end book; see Assigning a Database.