Creating Lesson Books

Follow these steps to create a lesson book.




Option 1: Start with one of the sample lesson books installed with the TBK Tracker (for example, sports-bball.tbk ).


Option 2: Start a new book. Copy an Empty page template from the TBK Tracker catalog objects and make it the first page of your book. Edit the extended properties of the lesson setup button on page Empty to set tbkTrackerAuthorMode to True. This will create the TBKTrack menu. Begin authoring your content on pages after page Empty.



If you chose a sample lesson book in step 1, you will see most of the TBK Tracker navigation and features as buttons along the side of the first content page. Delete any you do not want in your lesson.


If you are creating a lesson book from scratch, include any desired TBK Tracker navigation and features by dragging buttons from the catalog onto your content pages or background.



Determine the lesson completion method you want TBK Tracker to use for the lesson and keep it in mind as you develop your content (e.g., if the completion method is based on testing, you'll need to set the userLessonTestScore property of the book when the user exits; if it's based on pages visited, you'll want to make sure that all pages that do not have the skipNavigation property or the skipAsymInfo property set to true can be accessed by the user).



To test your lesson within TBK Tracker, you must add it to the training system. You can do this at any time, even before it is developed. See the TBK Tracker Administrator help for details. (Remember to both add the lesson to the system AND include it in a course; see the Administrator help for more.)



Access your lesson through your front end book periodically during development to ensure that it's set up correctly. If you have problems, review these steps and refer to the Troubleshooting section of this help.