Configuring TBK Tracker

Follow these steps to configure a TBK Tracker application. For more detail, see Getting Started.




Copy and rename an existing TBK Tracker database to create a TBK Tracker database for your product. Typically you will copy the database "sportsSample.mdb" to the sysToolBookDirectory and rename it for your product. See Creating a Database for more.




Create a front end book. You can copy one of the front end sample books included in the installation, or create one from scratch using the TBK Tracker catalog objects. Name the front end book anything you choose. Customize the appearance to suit your training.


See Creating a Front End Book for details.



Use the TBK Tracker Administrator to add your new database to the system and define your course and lessons. Note the Database ID when you add your database.


See the TBK Tracker Administrator Help for details.



Open your new front end book. If you copied an existing front end book, initially it will be linked to the Sports Sample database. Use the TBKTrack menu to assign your new database to the front end book.



Create your training content lessons. You can begin with one of the samples included in the installation, or create the books from scratch and include the necessary TBK Tracker elements from the TBK Tracker catalog.


See Creating Lesson Books for details.



Test your training system by accessing its courses and lessons through the front end book. You can press F1 on the various screens to examine user level help along the way.