Exit User When Inactivity Timeout Reached


Check the "Exit User When Activity Timeout Reached" as well as the "Use Inactivity Timeout" box on the Modify Global Settings screen to exit the training once a student has spent a certain number of minutes on a page.


You set this "time out" value in the field to the right of the "Use Inactivity Timeout" box. Note that the time out value is in minutes. For example, a five minute value means that any time spent on a single page after five minutes has elapsed will cause the user to exit (saving their status first). Be sure to set this value longer than the maximum time you expect a user to stay on a page while still actively engaged in the training.


If you want to just stop logging the time but leave the student within the training, only check the Use Inactivity Timeout box.


This feature is only relevant if you are deploying to ToolBook.