Using Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are a way to embed notes into your ToolBook book while working. They may be used for writing notes to yourself or to another person on your development team. While they look just like standard yellow fields, Sticky notes are unique because the iAmAStickyNote property of the field is True.


You can do the following with sticky notes:


Generate/ADDSTICKYNOTE12.gif  Add sticky note

Generate/STICKYNOTES12.gif  Show sticky notes

Generate/HIDESTICKYNOTES12.gif  Hide sticky notes

Generate/GOTOSTICKYNOTE12.gif  Go to next sticky note

Generate/tileAndSizeStickyNotes.gif Tile and size sticky notes

Generate/selectStickyNotes.gif Select sticky notes

Generate/WRITESTICKYNOTESTOFILEBTN.gif  Write sticky notes to a file


You can change the appearance and default location of sticky notes by changing the Sticky Note style in the Field Styles screen accessed from the Objects palette.


Note: A major difference between Sticky Notes and Comments is where the information is stored. Sticky Notes are ToolBook fields that are on the pages and backgrounds in the book. Comments are stored in a file outside of the book.