Prompt Level (Import Resources)


Use this area of the Import Resources window to select a prompt level.


This specifies what will happen if, during import, there is already a matching resource in the book. If there is not a matching resource, the resource is imported without any prompt.


A prompt will let you replace the current resource, create a duplicate resource, or skip importing the resource (leaving the current resource as is).


How a Matching Resource Is Determined

Prompt Always, Overwrite Always, Create Duplicate Always, Skip Always:

These options all use the same method to compare the resource to be imported with a resource that is in the current book. When importing from a Directory: compares name of file with name of resource in the current book. When Importing from another Book: compares name of resource in source with name of resource in the current book; if either resource is not named, uses resource ID in place of name.


Prompt Level

If there is a match, ...

Prompt Always

You are prompted to confirm overwrite.

Overwrite Always

The new resource replaces the current one.

Create Duplicate Always

Creates a new resource and leaves the current one.

Skip Always

Leaves the current resource in place and does not import the new one.


Prompt when resourceInfo differs and Prompt when resourceInfo same:

These two options are available only when importing from another book. The pertinent resourceInfo of the resource is compared (for example, items compared for bitmaps and icons are width, height, and color depth).


Prompt Level


Prompt when resourceInfo differs

If there is not match between the two graphics, you are prompted.

Overwrite Always

If there is match between the two graphics, you are prompted.