Setting Up Sources


To open the Setup Sources window, use the Setup Sources option on either the Media Connection tool palette or the Connection menu.


Use the Setup Sources window to define sources for your application.


Once you're in TBC Author Mode, Setup Sources is the first tool to use. When you open this window for the first time it is blank. Follow these steps to define your initial source and its corresponding database:


  1. Choose the Set button to set a Connection Identifier for your book.

  2. Choose the Add button to add a new source to your book. This only adds a source name, not a database.

  3. Select the source from the Data Sources list and then click the Browse (...) button to define a database for the source. For your first source you should add a New database. After you have completely populated a database for one source, you can add additional sources and typically choose to Duplicate your first database. (These are options from the browse button.)

  4. If your database already has a password and/or user name, enter those values in the fields provided. Entering values in the Password and User Name fields will NOT change the password or user name of the database itself.

  5. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the window.

  6. Save your book.

  7. You could now write to the source database using various Media Connection tools. See: