Change Source button

To let your users change sources at runtime (to change languages, for example), copy a Change Source button from the TB Connection catalog into your book. You can use either of two buttons to let your users change the media source.




Button Name: TBC_selectSource

This is the recommended button. When the user changes sources with this button, the source for all TB Connection products will change. This button works even if you are only using Media Connection (without Content Connection or Hotword Connection).



Button Name: TBC_selectMediaSource

When the user changes sources with this button, only the source for Media Connection will change. The source for any other TB Connection products will not change.


Either button will display the Select Source window:




Optional: Instructor users can modify the caption of this viewer by specifying a caption in the third parameter of the handler call. For example, you could change the caption from its default "Select Source" to "Select a Sport" with the following call:

     send TBC_selectCurrentSource "all", null, "Select a Sport"