Working With Sources


There are three source tools available from both the Connection menu and the tool palette:


A source corresponds to a database. There is one source for each collection of hotwords and definitions.


In the "big picture" of Hotword Connection (see How to Use Hotword Connection for details), the idea is to:

  1. Complete your application for one source (e.g., for one language in a multilingual application).

  2. Write all hotwords from your book to an initial source database, and/or add hotwords directly (using either the Add HW button or the Hotword Manager).

  3. Create definitions for your hotwords using either the Add Defn button, the Definition Manager, or the Hotword Manager.

  4. After you've completed adding hotwords and definitions, add additional sources and duplicate the initial database (now fully populated) for each new source.

  5. Use the Hotword Connection Translator to translate the content in each additional source database.


You'll use the Setup Sources tool to define your initial source and database, and then later to define additional sources and to duplicate your initial database.


You'll use the Set Default Source tool to indicate which source your book is saved with, and the Set Current Source tool to indicate which database is active for read/write.


Click on any tool above for details.