Preparing for Runtime

Use the Prepare for Runtime option on the Connection menu to prepare your application for runtime. After preparing for runtime, you must save your book.


See Distributing Your Application for a list of Hotword Connection files you should include with your installation.


The Prepare for Runtime tool will:


  1. Indicate the read setting. If you want to swap sources at runtime, the read setting should be set to either database or properties. Otherwise it should be Off.


  2. Indicate what the default source is. You should verify that this corresponds to the hotwords and definitions your book is saved with.


  3. Indicate what the current source is and (optionally) clear it. We recommend clearing the current source before delivery. This insures that TB Connection will set the current source to the default source when the book first opens.


  4. Turn off TBC Author Mode. This will remove the developer system books, the Connection menu, and the tool palette.