Overview of Hotword Connection

Hotword Connection™ allows you to store hotwords from a ToolBook book to an Access database. You can use Hotword Connection tools to create definitions and assign them to hotwords. These definitions are also stored in the database(s). Hotword Connection can store (and restore) rich text definitions that include graphics.


You can define multiple source databases, each with its own set of hotwords and definitions. This allows for multilingual applications. You can also use Hotword Connection pop-up definitions and Glossary features with just a single source.


When users click on a hotword that is in the database, Hotword Connection will display its definition. You can copy in a button from the TB Connection catalog objects to show a Glossary of all hotwords, and another button to change languages (if applicable).


After creating your database(s), you can choose to store the data as properties of your book. This eliminates the need to distribute your database(s).


How to Implement (Overview)

A typical use of Hotword Connection is for multilingual applications. Assuming you're creating a multilingual application, the recommended procedure for using Hotword Connection is:

  1. Create your ToolBook application in one language, for example in English.

  2. Use ToolBook to create hotwords as you normally would. However, you should decide at the start if you want to store hotwords by name or by text. If you plan to swap content (with Content Connection, for example), you will want to use hotword names since hotword text will change. If using names, you should assign unique names to your hotwords. (One exception: hotwords sharing the same definition can be named the same.)

  3. Store (write) your hotwords to an English source database.

  4. Use the Hotword Connection tools to enter definitions and assign them to hotwords.

  5. Use the Hotword Connection tools to create a second source, for example a French source, by duplicating the English database. At this point the English and French databases contain identical hotwords and definitions.

  6. Use the Hotword Connection Translator to translate the definitions in the French database to French.

  7. Put a Change Source button (available from the TB Connection catalog) in your application to allow your users to choose languages. TB Connection takes care of the rest!


    For more detailed step-by-step instructions, see How to Use Hotword Connection.


    Note: Hotword Connection is one of three products available in the TB Connection family of products: Hotword Connection, Content Connection, and Media Connection. This help covers only Hotword Connection.