Distributing Your Application

If you do not intend to change sources at runtime and want to use Hotword Connection for popup definitions and/or a Glossary for a single source only, you only need to distribute the connectr.sbk book and, if reading from database, your source database (see below for descriptions of these files).


If you intend to change sources at runtime (see Reading Hotword Data at Runtime for options), you must distribute all of the following Hotword Connection files with your application:



This is the TB Connection runtime system book; it resides in the tbSystem directory during development (see also: Hotword Connection System Books).


Distribution: This book should be installed to the ToolBook runtime directory.


Your .tcn file

This file contains your source list, and source database locations in the respective [source <sourceName>] entries. (See Setting Up Sources for how to set these locations.)


Distribution: If your read option is "From Database," and the database locations contain full paths (including drive letters) you will typically need to write these .tcn file entries as part of your installation.


If the locations are relative paths, you do not need to modify the .tcn file. You need only maintain the same database locations relative to your application book.


Whether reading from properties or databases, the .tcn file should be installed in the same directory as your application book.


All your application database (.mdb) files

These are the Access database files that contain your content. They only need to be distributed if you are reading from databases.


Distribution: Install these files in the locations specified in the .tcn file (see above).



Note: You should use the Prepare for Runtime tool to set Hotword Connection properties prior to distributing your application.