FTS Pro allows ToolBook programmers to incorporate Full Text Search into their ToolBook projects.

Selected Features

  • FTS Pro™ will index more than 20 books, numbers, and upper ASCII characters (foreign characters), and will work on a CD ROM
  • Index the text of buttons, fields, recordfields, comboboxes and hotwords.
  • Index any number of books. The old ToolBook FTS has a 20 book limit.
  • Index any text, including numbers and foreign characters in the upper ASCII range.
  • The index file created by FTS Pro™ is about 1/10 the size of the index files created by the old Asymetrix FTS.
  • Support the use of Language Plug-ins so that your end users can see the Search Interface in a foreign language.
  • Ignore specific words when indexing, or alternately only index specific words.
  • Search for whole words or partial words.

More Information on FTS Pro

FTS Pro is a fully realized professional add-on for ToolBook Instructor.  For detailed information, access any of the following features.

System Requirements

FTS Pro works with ToolBook 5.0 and later. It is only for native deployment.

FTS Pro Pricing

Description Price
FTS Pro $150

Educational discounts are available.